Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Paper Towel Tube Wall Art

This was super simple to do! I got the idea on Pintrest and made it my own!


Toilet or Paper Towel Tubes squashed and cut into slices (Free)
Hot Glue (Had on hand)
Mod Podge (Had on hand)
Canvas or Wood Plaque (2/$5 at Wal-mart)
Paint (Had on hand)


  1. Paint your canvas or wood plaque with the color of your choice. You may have to apply two or three coats.
  2. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to seal and get a glossy look
  3. While waiting on your paint and Mod Podge to dry, paint your paper towel rolls. You will have to put at least two coats on, because the cardboard soaks up the paint.
  4. When your "petals" are dry, arrange them however you want. Do a dry fit to make sure your pattern will fit onto your space. You can make any pattern, or make the flowers as full as you want!
  5. Hot glue the "petals" together, using clothespins to hold them together to dry.
  6. *Optional* I hot glued a rhinestone in the center of mine for a touch off sparkle. You can leave it plain if you want.
  7. Turn the flowers over and place a thick dab of hot glue to the center to the flower and adhere to your canvas. 

Ta-da! 3-D wall art on the cheap! How did yours turn out?

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